Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My clasS :)

Today I have attend 3 classes..
The first is Mandarin class. Madam Lau Suk Khin ask us to create video that we suppose to act in Mandarin and submit the script in November.. Whattt?? hmm..but it's okay. we will try our best and be the best Mandarin actor..hoho =.="

While the second class is Information systems.. what I want to tell is I still couldn't understand what the subject is about. The subject mostly about IT and I don't know much about IT. What I know is to log in Facebook,Twitter,search on Google or whateverlahh. hehe.. But I will do my revision soon and try to understand this subject.

The third class is Language Enrichment in this class we learn English Language..the class is quite interesting and I like the lecturer the most. She is PM Dr Faizah.. She is funny and I like to laugh.. hahaha. well,this is to avoid boredome and sleepy in the class. But I still try to focus on other classes as I can. :)
But what I want to tell is today I really feel like I'm in the freezer!! Its really really really really COLD!!
Im shivering a lot in the class today >_<

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